Seed Science Research 15: 281-307 (2005)

Plant hormone interactions during seed dormancy release and germination

Birgit Kucera, Marc Alan Cohn, Gerhard Leubner-Metzger

Institut für Biologie II (Botanik/Pflanzenphysiologie), Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg, Schänzlestr. 1, D-79104 Freiburg i. Br., Germany, Web: 'The Seed Biology Place' (B.K., G.L.-M.)
Department of Plant Pathology and Crop Physiology, Louisiana State University Agricultural Center, 302 Life Sciences Building, Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70803, U.S.A. (M.A.C.)

Received 27 May 2005; accepted after revision 27 August 2005

Figure 2.Schematic representation of the interactions between the gibberellin (GA), absisic acid (ABA) and ethylene signaling pathways in the regulation of seed dormancy and germination. The model is mainly based on Arabidopsis hormone mutant analyses, the positions of some components are speculative, and details are explained in the text. Promotion or inhibition is indicated by thick arrows and blocks, respectively. Interactions based on extragenic suppressor or enhancer screens are indicated by thin grey lines. Small black arrows indicate enhancement (up-arrow) or reduction (down-arrow) of seed dormancy and small blue arrows indicate enhancement or reduction of seed ABA sensitivity upon mutation of the corresponding protein. Corresponding hormone mutants of Arabidopsis thaliana: aba1, aba2 = ABA-deficient1,2; abi1 to abi5 = ABA-insensitive1 to ABA-insensitive5; ctr1 = constitutive triple response1; ein2, ein3 = ethylene insensitive2, 3; era3 = enhanced response to ABA3; gai = GA-insensitive; sly1 = sleepy1; spy = spindly; rga = repressor-of-ga1-3; rgl 1, rgl2 = rga-like1, 2. Other abbreviations: ACO = ACC oxidase; ACS = ACC synthase; EREBP = ethylene responsive element binding protein; ERF = ethylene responsive factor; GA3ox = GA 3-oxidase; Man = mannanase; ßGlu I = class I ß-1,3-glucanase;  vp1 = viviparous1 (maize mutant).

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